IFranchiseIran is a full-service franchise
development, consulting & management firm specializing in
the hospitality, leisure & entertainment

Driven by a visible passion for franchising that inspires every aspect of our corporate life and consulting practice, our vision is to reconstruct the industry boundaries and bring a total new experience in Iran through high value added projects, that have a lasting impact on their social and economic environment. This passion is an outgrowth of 25 years successfully helping existing and aspirant professionals and entrepreneurs through development advisory, strategy, consulting services, acquisition and management.

With headquarter in Dubai and offices in London and Tehran, IFranchiseIran is a multi-faceted global franchise service provider who works both with brand owners from around the world and investors such as individuals, private enterprises and large corporate entities interested in entering the industry. IFranchiseIran’s wealth of experience in franchising gives you the best franchise or licensing platform to help you build, grow and manage your brands, assess any purchase of a franchise for a territory or region and make sure the deal’s potential is maximized.

With an established presence of experts in the field of franchising with an intimate knowledge of the unique aspects of the Iranian Market, we provide the finest professional service for developing a franchise organization in today’s highly competitive market.