With over 100 years combined experience of franchise consulting and franchise system ownership, we know how to franchise a Business. Formed by experienced franchise consultants and franchise attorneys, we provide comprehensive assistance and support with every aspect of the franchise
development process and hands-on assistance from the initial franchise sales process to the successful launch of your franchise operation. If you are considering starting a franchise, expanding in new territories, or simply would just like to start a conversation on how to franchise, we are the consulting provider of choice.

While the primary objective of any franchisor is to maximize profits and expand its system, this can only be achieved if the franchisee profits as well. As consultants, we take seriously the obligation of both parties to the relationship, and believe this is the only way for each of them to achieve their mutual objectives. IFranchiseIran can help you with a preliminary consultation to assess your business for enterprise factors such as profitability, growth, investment cost and potential competition. We oversee the entire franchise development process and provide assistance with the initial franchise sales process, enabling clients to defer a large portion of their development fee until franchise sales commence, which helps reduce the amount of capital required to successfully franchise a business.

IFranchiseIran operates with a success-based franchise development revenue model – we succeed only when our brands and their franchisees succeed. Whether you require assistance with the entire process of franchising a business or consultation regarding specific areas of your operation, IFranchiseIran invite you to contact us today to discuss your needs and our services.


The company offers the best professional advice for acquiring a franchise and the related costs of franchising in the region, as well as other parts of the world. IFranchiseIran has successfully assisted companies, both private and public-listed companies, to acquire and  invest in a franchise business, to launch and operate successfully. We have the best franchise brands on our portal. IFranchiseIran targets not only internationally recognized brands but also emerging franchise concepts that are ripe for expansion via franchise development, in line with evolving customer tastes, and ahead of industry trends.

Franchise businesses have a lot to offer in emerging markets because they are designed to be replicated. Thus, they require less experience for entrepreneurs, and provide business-learning opportunities within a support structure. IFranchiseIran offers a dynamic system specifically designed to help franchisees build and expand upon highly profitable F&B companies that serve as a platform to operate dozens of franchise brands. These models are readily available for franchisees to use once they have joined one of our food franchise systems.


IFranchiseIran provides the finest professional service for developing a franchise organization in
today’s highly competitive market. As experts in the industry, we know what it takes
to deliver a successful business.

Our proven track record, expertise and hands-on experience to advise clients on any franchise
venture made the company’s outstanding reputation. From start-up entrepreneurs to the largest
franchisors in the country, we offer owners a highly professional, single-channel communication

service through which all aspects of a project are processed effectively, efficiently and transparently.
Simply, we act as your representative throughout.

The diversity and caliber of the skills, experience and expertise that IFranchiseIran offers to its client
partners, make us uniquely positioned to consult with absolute authority on the complete spectrum
of the industry needs. From feasibility analysis and strategic planning through to project management
and operations, our collective services ensure your project success.